Starting the Early Years in Shipbuilding

New Flint Offshore & Marine was created through the ingeniousness of its founder Mr. Mohammed Yahaya. Taking cue from its sister and older company the Fara's Engineering registered in Singapore, New Flint ventured also into shipbuilding and ship repairs. The company mainly services oil rigs with some tanker ship and ocean going vessels.

Mr. Mohammed Yahaya decided to join the offshore and marine industry in 2001 with his hard earned savings and money when he created his family members, he invested their fortune into this business and never looked back. For more than a decade, his businesses blossomed and reaped uphill profits.

Seeing the potential of a growing industry, Mr. Yahaya expanded his operations from regular ship repairs and shipbuilding to servicing oil rigs which are much larger and wider in scope. As of present, New Flint has Keppel FELS Limited as its major client. The company has plans to expand its client base overseas in the future.

The company is planning a strategic expansion abroad the neighboring countries. However, there is no intention to open itself to franchising at this moment. The challenges it faces comprise of the difficulty of hiring competent and expert staffs for a business that requires a different sets of skills, as well as, the constant changes in the rules and regulations implemented in the industry. New Flint aspires to be the "Preferred Partner" of most companies in the future.