Like all other transport equipment even ships need timely maintenance and repairs. We repair and carry out maintenance operations both at sea or in port. However in case of complex or big scale repairs, we advise the ship to be removed from commercial operation. For most large-scale repairs, particularly those carried out in a ship repair yard we deploy the most advanced machinery and tools. Particularly with regards to tankers, the ship has to be first prepared for repair at a station and the next course of action be carried out accordingly. The slops grey water and hydrocarbon residues are pumped ashore according to environmental regulations and the necessary actions are carried out as needed.

Our specialised activities in this segment are:

  • Fabricate and Install piping system

  • Air Testing & Hydro testing

  • Pipeline commissioning

  • Tubing

  • Pipe line chemical cleaning and Boiler chemical cleaning

  • Pipe line Hot oil Flushing

  • Hydro jetting

  • Fabricate and Erect Ship blocks

  • All kind of Foundation and all kinds of Outfitting works

Special Features
  • Overhaul Main Engine, Aux. Engine and Generators

  • Overhaul and new install Propulsion system

  • Overhaul Thrusters and New Install with Alignment

  • Overhaul Cranes, Winches and Hydraulic cylinders

  • Overhaul all kind of Pumps (Ex: Cargo pump, Ballast pump etc…)

  • Overhaul Sea valves, Safety valves and Boiler mounting valves

  • Overhaul Solenoid valves and Actuators

  • Service/Repairs Heat Exchangers, Oil coolers and hydro test

  • Service Shell and tube heat exchangers

  • New install all kind of Deck machinery equipment’s

Our Works