New Flint is a company that specializes in ship repair

New Flint is a company that specializes in ship repair, shipbuilding, supplies of shipping goods, and many more. They are also a company that is able to list Keppel FELS Ltd as one of their clients.

The company's director, Mr Yahaya mentions that entrepreneurship is a very big challenge for anyone to undertake. this is because entrepreneurs have to be able to multitask and manage all aspects of the business. However, it is this very challenge that intrigues Mr Yahaya, he goes on to say that being able to work in a sector that is different and challenging is personally satisfying to him.

New Flint's path to success has not always been easy. During the early days there was a shortage of manpower of people with expertise. To that Mr Yahaya decided to employ foreign talents who will then be able to fill the void. Furthermore, it is perhaps due to the company being relative newcomers at the time, but New Flint also saw a lower customer base. the team at New Flint combated this problem the old fashioned way through sheer hard work. Mr Yahaya says that he saw a huge increase in customer confidence after their initial projects were completed. He credits that to the hard work, determination, and the expertise of his staff.